John DeGrand and Son, Inc. is one of the top warehouse system management and logistics service providers in the Tri-State and New England area. All of our services are handled exclusively by our team of inventory control and logistic experts.

Third Party Logistics Services

At DEGRAND we provide warehouse and logistic services and consulting in Connecticut and throughout the Tri-State area that can be customized to fit your needs to reduce costs and increase efficiency. We specialize in inventory management, telecommunication logistics, and logistics consulting.


We can be a key logistics partner to help you accomplish your business objectives or even manage your projects from start to finish through turnkey service.


We are a top telecommunication logistic services provider for the Tri-State and New England area. Our wide range of services are customizable to fit your business needs.

Warehouse Management System

Our real-time web-based inventory management system is customizable to fit your needs, helping you run your warehouse operations smoothly and efficiently.

Inventory and Shipping Services

Our inventory and shipping services are designed to streamline your processes while helping you minimize costs. We provide:

Delivery & Moving

Our full-service inside delivery includes material uncrating, placement as directed, and packaging removal & disposal.

Packaging & Crating

With a wide range of capabilities designed to meet your specific needs and the Degrand reputation for quality control, we specialize in packaging bulk product lines to single item crating.

Warehouse Kitting

DeGrand provides warehouse kitting services that keep your fulfillment costs low, while maintaing accuracy. Use our system to efficiently manage your inventory.

Battery Removal & Recycling

We specialize in wet and gel cell battery removal and reclamation. Our full service process does everything for you - from completing paperwork and tracking, to shipping to the final destination and obtaining your Certificate of Reclamation.