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Telco logistics addresses the unique needs of telecommunications companies. John DeGrand & Son, Inc. are experts on the complexities and fast pace of the supply chain. We work closely with telecom businesses to provide them with fully-customized logistics solutions, designed to meet their needs.

Our services help:

  • Reduce costs
  • Streamline communication and processes
  • Improve visibility and control over your supply chain

Nokia to Samsung conversion & full 5G network buildout

Not Happy With Your Current Network? How About We Replace It? All Of It.

When one of our clients informed us that they were changing equipment suppliers for their entire cellular network, we were thrilled to find out that we would be involved in rolling it out. It’s a break up that you can get excited about.

This project will span several years and involve multiple deliveries to thousands of sites. All of the previous supplier’s material will be deinstalled, inventoried, and returned. Antennas, cabinets, hardware…all being replaced. The new material will be delivered by hand and by crane, in coordination with over twenty vendors and hundreds of landlords, to get it wherever it needs to go. Rooftops, basements, luxury apartments, third floor closets...we’re there.

How’s it going so far? Pull up that 5G connection on your phone and let us know.

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