Third Party Logistics Services

We provide warehouse and logistic services that can be customized to fit your needs to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


We can be a key logistics partner to help you accomplish your business objectives or even manage your projects from start to finish through turnkey service.


We are a top telecommunication logistic services provider for the Tri-State and New England area. Our wide range of services are customizable to fit your business needs.

Warehouse Management System

Our real-time web-based inventory management system is customizable to fit your needs, helping you run your warehouse operations smoothly and efficiently.

4G LTE buildout

Remember When 4G Was First Announced? It Was Going To Make 3G Look Like Dial-Up.

However, 3G wasn’t going anywhere. This new technology would be added to the existing infrastructure, like deploying a network all over again. Racks would be added to every location for new technology to be installed and connected, new antennas would be hung. The result? An evolved, faster, higher capacity cellular network.

4G went through many phases of development over several years, each involving hardware upgrades to improve speed and throughput. These upgrades were performed hundreds of sites at a time; deploying new technology, removing old technology, and sending it back to vendors. Over one million miles crisscrossing New England in the sun, rain, and snow. And while talk goes around about removing the 3G network, the 4G network is still very much alive and capable.