warehouse management

Warehouse Management System

DEGRAND provides "real time" web-based inventory management

John DeGrand and Son, Inc. uses internally-developed proprietary software to track and manage your inventory. Our inventory management software has been developed specifically to meet the needs of our customer base and will enhance your asset management, job planning, and warehouse management processes.

Track inventory according to your own business needs – we will tailor the data the way that you need to view it (i.e. by license plate, SKU, handling unit, load seal, part code, etc.) and make it available to the parties you need involved. Receive automated notifications when your freight arrives so that you can begin to plan your jobs.

DeGrand's Inventory Management System Includes:

  • Available 24/7
  • Password protected
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile friendly
  • Customizable to fit your needs

The warehouse management system comes with many useful reports such as:

  • Receipts:  Daily, weekly, monthly, for any time period
  • Deliveries:  Daily, weekly, monthly, for any time period
  • Complete history of any item shipped to our warehouse
  • Detailed receipts for a given Job#, Tracking#, Part#, etc.

Functionality that works for you:

  • Receive alerts when freight arrives
  • Pictures of freight available for remote viewing (in process)
  • Enhanced search options and sortable on all major fields

DEGRAND is headquartered in West Haven, Connecticut and provides services throughout Connecticut and the Northeast. All of our management services are handled exclusively by DEGRAND employees who are experienced in all aspects of logistics, supply chain, and warehouse management. Source documents are retained for record-keeping purposes and are available upon request.

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